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The disposal costs of one-way packaging are significant. This is particularly true of large plywood and nailed-wood reels. These high-value reels are prime candidates for recycling and re-use. The number of "turns" a reel can make is an important factor by which to judge value.

• Carris has a network of reel return depots and recycling centers where used reels are received and graded
• Reusable reels are repaired, painted as required, and the bolts are tightened
• Many recycled reel users elect to attach a special logo to highlight the fact that the reel is recycled
and that their company is concerned and doing its part in conserving our natural resources
• Reels with broken flanges or torn arbor holes are not suitable for recycling

With the Carris program, resources are conserved and economic advantages accrue to all involved.
• The reel recipient avoids disposal costs
• The reel customer buys recycled reels at a fraction of what a new reel would cost
• Carris gains new work in recycling the used reels
• Planet Earth also benefits because less waste goes into landfills

Carris Reels nailed wood recycling offers customized service. The parameters for picking up reels to be recycled are logistically dictated. Whenever possible, we utilize our truck fleet. When this is not possible, truckload carriers are selected based on customer requirements and cost. Pick-ups are coordinated with the supplier of the used reels through our Connecticut or California offices. Once a program has been designed and qualified, all it takes is a phone call, and the pick-up is made at the supplier’s convenience.

Upon receipt at our facility, reels are inspected, graded and identified for return to a specific wire and cable manufacturer. We use a three-point grading system ranging from excellent to scrap. This information can be made available to the wire and cable manufacturer if requested; otherwise, it is used internally to drive our repair process.

Our repair/refurbishing standards reflect the same quality that is inherent in all Carris products. All surfaces that come in contact with wire and/or cable are cleaned, inspected for exposed nails and repaired to fill voids. Flange faces are painted, and if required, re-stenciled with the manufacturer’s logo.

Reintroduction of the recycled nailed wood reel into the wire and cable manufacturing process is, again, a customized process. Current systems range from “substitution as available” against open purchase orders to spot truckload sales on the open market. Our goal is to accommodate the wire and cable manufacturer’s requirements and environmental needs within established guidelines acceptable to all.