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Carris offers the most comprehensive line of welding wire packages in the industry. This one-call philosophy is not the result of buying reels from another supplier for resale. Instead, we injection mold all of our own plastic spools and fabricate our hardboard spools and hardwood plywood for bulk wire packing. We even manufacture our own spiral-wound paper tubes for these reels — and our own bolts, too. Carris is a vertically-integrated manufacturer, and we are pleased to offer the following packaging options:

    Hardboard Reels
    Hardboard offers tough, smooth and economical packaging. Barrel material can include steel or paper tubes.

    Plastic Reels
    One-piece plastic spools are injection molded, black reprocessed polystyrene and offer smooth, economical shipping packages.

    Plywood Reels*
    High-quality hardwood plywood, offers smooth, consistent wire contact surfaces and maximum strength at affordable prices.

    *Other Options for Plywood Reels:

    • Your logo, product identification or user warning information can
    be stencilled on hardboard and plywood packages
    • Custom-tailored reels are readily available to handle any load
    from 100 pounds to 2,000 pounds
    • Tapered barrel reels (conical shaped barrel) are available for
    payoffs "over the top"

  • 4"
  • 8", 10lbs
  • 8", 15lbs
  • 11 3/4 x 3 5/8 x 6 3/8